Founder / Director

Ustaza Shafiqa Sayed, Founder and Director of AT’Tazkirah Institute, is an Arts & Literature graduate, She is a successful Artist and her paintings are well recognized. Ustaza Shafiqa attained her E-Commerce in web designing. Well known for her contribution in the field of Islamic and Qur’anic studies for two decades. "AT'Tazkirah", the brainchild of Ustazah Shafiqa, is a result of years of dedication, hard work and passion to spread the knowledge of Deen. Ustaza Shafiqa, started this journey after graduating in Taleem-e-Deen of Alimah, from Al-Huda International-Dubai. Thereafter, she pursued and excelled in other Islamic qualifications. She has studied Fiqh Ul Islam Jamiah ad Dar ul Ber with Dr. Salih Al- Fawzan. She holds an Ijaazah in Qaidah Nooraniyyah from Al Furqan Institute under Sheikh Muhammad Farooq ar Ra'ee. Ustaza Shafiqa has done different courses like “Key to Jannah” by Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble. Though being a working mother, she was always on a quest to learn more about her Deen and was passionate about Dawah. Even today, she successfully juggles between her two passions of Islam & Arts. She envisioned opening her own Islamic Institute, with an objective to share the knowledge she had learnt and to spread authentic Islamic knowledge. At AT’Tazkirah, she serves as a lead instructor for several programs including “Taleem e Deen Alima” course. Her most recent achievement is to successfully conduct online classes and having a broad student base attending from different parts of the world. Ustaza Shafiqa has imparted training sessions to more than hundreds of students through traveling seminars, webinars and programs. Being a graphic designer, she also gives special training to her faculty and staff in areas of Time Management, Learn your Calibre and Graphic Training programs to groom her staff members, at AT'Tazkirah for conducting successful online presentations.