Finance Manager

Hina Motiwala pursued B.Com from University of Belgaum, Karnataka (India). Currently she conducts Islamic History topics for the students.

She has been part of AT’Tazkirah since its inception. She has studied various topics at AT’Tazkirah like Seerah, Fiqh of Salah, Fiqh of Zakah, Word to Word Qur’aanic translation, Fahm ul Qur’aan and many more. 

Her dedication and participation in workshops and events have helped the Institute in more ways than one.

Hina Motiwala has been the backbone in facilitating At’Tazkirah’s “Ramadaan Ration Program” every year. She has been at the forefront at every level of this program. Alhamdullilah, her dedication to the program has made the program a huge success and beneficial to countless poor families.