The main pillar of At'tazkirah, responsible for day-to-day operations, her life was to live with At'tazkirah and today she has taken the journey to eternity leaving At'tazkirah firm and high. Her hard work and unmatched dedication has helped At’tazkirah grow leaps and bounds. She was instrumental in every aspect of the Institute and was loved by all as a teacher, friend, colleague and a boss. Ustaza Nafisa finished her studies in Dubai. After her long journey of studies and teaching at Euro kids, she was appointed as the Manager and Principal of the school. It was Ustaza Shafiqa's dream to get her elder sister Ustaza Nafisa to the path of Deen. Ustaza Nafisa was called for training to Dubai at Al-Huda International, under the supervision of Ustaza Asiya, Supervisor of Al-Huda team in Dubai. After returning back to Mumbai, Ustaza Nafisa left her job at Eurokids to pursue her spiritual and religious journey at At’tazkirah, in the position of Manager. She completed Junior Associates course from IRF and a course of Word for Word Qur'anic translation. Studied various subjects; Arabic Grammar by Fauzia Baji, Al-Huda (Hyderabad) and Daura-e- Qur'aan by Zakia Baji, who is associated with Al Huda (New York). After completing all formal Islamic training, Ustaza Nafisa took over complete charge of Operations at At'tazkirah as Manager. Ustaza Nafisa has been instrumental in growing At’Tazkirah from a small group of few students, to a student base of more than 100 across 3 centers. On a personal level, Ustaza Nafisa imparted private coaching, especially to reverts & those Muslims who read Qur'aan with transliteration, so that they may read the Qur'aan in Arabic. She briefly served as Principal to Bahr-Al-hikmah foundation, and also served as a voluntary HRD staff to Al-Burooj. Students, teachers and all those who knew her raved about her high energy levels and profound dedication to her job. She has deeply impacted every person that she came in touch with, in her very special way. Sadly, Ustaza Nafisa passed away in the year 2020. However, she continues to inspire teachers and staff at At'tazkirah, with the dedication and hard work she has left behind. She is deeply missed by all. May Allah grant her the highest levels in Jannat-ul-Firdous… Aameen!



Sir Hafiz Moinuddin brings with him more than 30 years of rich experience in Islamic and Arabic teaching. Sir Hafiz Moin is certified in Hafiz-ul-Qur’aan & Aalimiyat, from Jaamiaa-Dar us Salaam,Arabic College Oomerabad(India)


Advisory Board Senior Member

Nada Moin, the younger daughter of Ustaza Shafiqa, currently heads the Hifdh Department in the Grandeur International School, Bangalore. Her primary and tertiary education was completed in Dubai, UAE where she was born. Achieved her B.Ed. with high colors. She has memorized five juzz and conducted a few campaigns under the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dubai.


Advisory Board Senior Member/TEACHER

Huda Moin, the older daughter of Ustaza Shafiqa Sayed completed her education in Dubai, U.A.E. where she was born. She completed Taleem-e-Deen course from Al-Huda International, Dubai and has attained Majors in Tajweed. Apart from Islamic studies, she is a certified Medical Office Administrator from Centennial College, Toronto, Canada.


Chief Admin Executive

Rubina Sayed has been associated with At'Tazkirah, in the Backoffice Administration team for 7 years now.


Admin Executive


Finance Manager

Hina Motiwala pursued B.Com from University of Belgaum, Karnataka (India). Currently she conducts Islamic History topics for the students.


Senior Coordinator / Examiner

Sheherbanoo Gullar completed her M.Sc. by Research from Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai and worked as an Ex-Cytotechnologist. She was designated as Scientific Officer, at the Tata Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases, Mumbai. After retirement, she chose to pursue her journey of eternity and joined as a student for the Word to Word Qur'aan translation class for one and a half years. Thereafter, she started teaching Word to Word privately to women in her area.



She has been a Hifdh Teacher & Word for Word Translation Teacher at the Al-Muminah School for girls in Mumbai for 7 years. Thereafter, she shifted to Melbourne, Australia but continued work of Deen even there. She taught at the Melbourne Madinah School as a Qur'aan Teacher for girls and conducted the Prophetic Curriculum for kids there.



Shamshad Khan pursued B.Com from SIES College, Mumbai (India). Her forte were always teaching the Urdu language. She has completed the D.Ed. course in Urdu from the University of Mumbai.