Advisory Board Senior Member

Nada Moin, the younger daughter of Ustaza Shafiqa, currently heads the Hifdh Department in the Grandeur International School, Bangalore. Her primary and tertiary education was completed in Dubai, UAE where she was born. Achieved her B.Ed. with high colors. She has memorized five juzz and conducted a few campaigns under the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dubai.

She has completed her Taleem al Quran Diploma course from Al Huda International in Bur Dubai, UAE. She also holds the Bachelors of Arts Degree in Islamic studies under Dr. Bilal Phillips, Preston University in Ajman as well as International Open University.

After teaching for five years in numerous Islamic institutes across Dubai as a Tajweed and Fiqh teacher, she shifted to India and has been affiliated with Hikmah ever since.

She has attained her Ijaazah in Tajweed Jazariyyah and also an Ijaazah in Qaidah Nooraniyyah from the Furqan Centre, KSA.

Children and Education are her forte. She is passionate and has a thirst for pursuing Islamic knowledge, whilst also equipping the Muslim ummah with enough tools and understanding, in order to manoeuvre their way around the contemporary issues of today, with an Islamic perspective.